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Electrical plant in Sohar Industrial Port completed

Majis Industrial Services Company (MISC), an affiliate of Oman Investment Authority, has completed the solar electricity production project at Sohar Industrial Port with a production capacity of 36 kiloWatts per hour.

In this renewable energy project, electricity production was linked to the water treatment plant supply network in the sea to produce potable water using reverse osmosis technology. Through this technology, the project contributes to reducing carbon emissions and the operational cost of electricity and other facilities in the plant.

In terms of design, the project consists of 150 solar panels within 300 square metres. It also contributes to providing electricity by producing around (36) kilowatt/hour of alternating current, equivalent to (60.6) megawatt/year, which can provide air-conditioners with electricity for up to 7 hours per day.

The project also contributes to reducing global warming and environmental emissions by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions by 1262.5 tonnes.