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Majis’ commitment and responsibility goes beyond merely rendering water services, it contributes and add value to environmental quality, people well-being, economic and social development.


Building Social Value

Majis not only provides eco-friendly water solutions to the industries, but also contributes to support the environment by %25, economic by %55 and social development by %20 from total CSR Initiatives. In light of the strong commitment Majis has with the community, the company has put in place an annual program to implement sustainable and environmental-friendly projects that serve all segments of society and focus on enhancing different areas, such as Environment, Health, Sport, Community and Education.

The impact of our work on society

Delivering social value is intrinsic to our purpose and our goals of being a progressive and responsible employer. By considering social value in our business decisions, including the way we employ staff, engage with communities and buy products and services, we can cultivate a more sustainable and inclusive society, and demonstrate that business done well can be a force for good. Our approach to social value is rooted in our belief that how we do business, is as important as what we do. Our programmes and activities are focused on creating work and training opportunities; building sustainable communities through employment, skills and awareness , and advocacy of trade with the social enterprise sector.

Employability and education

A responsible organisation

Engaging with the community