Our products


Majis has an installed capacity of more than 700,000 m3/hour of chlorinated seawater for extraction or distribution through our extensive delivery network. Seawater is filtered to remove any particles larger than 3mm.

Cooling Water

Many cooling applications transfer thermal energy using water as a medium to absorb heat, because it has a high boiling point and heat capacity. In industrial applications, the cooling water we produce and deliver is critical to ensuring that industrial processes do not cause equipment or products to overheat.

Potable Water

We produce and deliver potable water, also known as drinking water, which is water that is safe to drink or to use for food preparation.

Process Water

Process water typically refers to water that cannot be classified as drinking water and is used in connection with a number of manufacturing processes. Process water undergoes substantial purification treatment – which in some cases include reverse osmosis, a process that Majis’ facilities undertake.

Irrigation Water

Majis processes and produces irrigation water that supports the growth of local agricultural crops, maintains landscapes, and revegetates disturbed soils in dry areas during periods of minimal rainfall.

Effluent management

Effluent is wastewater that flows out of plants, sewers, or industrial outfalls. Majis’ effluent management operations treat and recycle this wastewater. After treatment, the water may be reused as irrigation or process water.