About us


Majis Industrial Services is Oman’s leading water solutions provider, delivering seawater, treatment, supply and effluent management to industrial customers who require cooling water, potable water, ultra-pure process water and wastewater services. Majis’ operations cover two industrial areas in Oman – Sohar Port & Freezone and Sohar Industrial Estate – on which the Company holds exclusive long-term concessions. With an investment value in excess of USD 600 million, Majis owns 10 assets that include two sea water intake plants capable of processing 740,000 m3/hour of seawater, delivered in bulk to industrial customers under long-term agreements and which can be considered one of the largest combined intake plants in MENA region.

Majis Logo

Majis Industrial Services S.A.O.C

Our logo consists of two pairs of crescents guarding a drop of water. The outer crescents represent our mission and eco-friendly spirit with a light green colour, while the inner ones represent sustainability with a sky blue colour. The background of the logo is white representing integrity and transparency.

Message from the CEO

Water is fundamental to a country’s economy. In Oman it is scarce and the country relies heavily on desalination and water treatment to cover its supply. For industry, access to a reliable and cost-efficient source of water is vital to ensuring manufacturing facilities can operate, power and electricity plants continue to run, and extraction of raw materials continues. Without water, economic output is compromised. As Sohar Port & Freezone’s sole provider of seawater, cooling water, process water, irrigation water and wastewater management, we are proud to contribute to the growth and stability of Oman’s economy.

Chief Executive Officer

Our Vision

To be a global supplier of innovative water solutions and enhance value for our stakeholders.

Our Mission

Provide ecofriendly and sustainable water solutions

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Customer centricity
  • Excellence
  • Ambition

Growth Drivers

  • Best-in-class asset management
  • Customer-centric operations
  • Industry-leading QHSSE
  • Commitment to talent and human development
  • Established and trusted brand


The Omani economy is growing, with efforts underway to diversify non-oil contribution to GDP. Across Oman, water is a vital resource that plays a major role in the economy. Emerging industry sectors require an ecofriendly and sustainable water service provider to support their growth.

Founded in 2006, Majis is named after the village in which it is located, as well as the traditional local instrument used to measure the depth of water.

Sohar is a strategically located deep-sea port and industrial area that is benefitting from the rapid growth of Oman’s industrial economy and is carving out a niche as a local hub for regional and international trade. The Company was established to develop an infrastructure to deliver process and cooling water to the Industrial Port of Sohar. It has since capitalized on the immense potential of the Sohar area, and operates as the exclusive provider of seawater, cooling water, potable water, process water and effluent water treatment to concessions in Sohar Port, Sohar Freezone and Sohar Industrial Estate.


Message from the Chairman

Majis has the task of providing sustainable and eco-friendly water solutions, which serve all companies and factories operating in Sohar Port, Free Zone and Sohar Industrial Area, which in turn serve the population and residents of Al Batina Governance and Oman in general. These areas provide jobs for citizens and contribute to the diversification of Oman’s economy
Since its establishment in 2006, Majis has been working to ensure the continued provision of sustainable and eco-friendly water services, demonstrating its great interest in the environment with a focus on the marine environment as the primary water resource for the company’s operations. Majis is the spring of water in the Port of Sohar and the Free Zone and we are working hard to ensure that this spring continues to flow and feed all industries in the port, the Free Zone and the Sohar Industrial Area as well.

Nabil Abdullah Humaid Al Ghassani


Majis’ diverse and experienced Board of Directors is responsible for guiding management and reviewing the Company’s operations and performance, while directly representing the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. The Board is comprised of 7 members, of which 5 are independent.

Operating Model

Majis operates the largest seawater intake facility and most sophisticated effluent management plant in the MENA region, and we are looking to grow them further. We implement ‘take or pay’ commercial agreements with our customers, meaning we receive fixed fees irrespective of utilization, for the supply of cooling, process and potable water, as well as for the extraction and treatment of effluent water. Majis’ customers belong to a captive market for whom water is essential for operations and with whom contracts are mostly in place into the 2030s and 2040s.

Our O&M (“Operate & Manage”) structure, through outsourcing and Joint Ventures, mitigates costs while ensuring control. Our current JV (“OSWS”), with Spanish hydro-technology company Aqualia, undertakes operations and maintenance of seawater intake plants, production, and supply of drinking and process water.

Operation Model